Find your brake pipe set

Find your brake pipe set

Click below to find the correct brake pipe set for your vehicle from our catalogue of over 2000 specifications

  • Easily fitted

    Our brake pipe sets are assembled with pride for your specific vehicle. Each pipe is cut to the correct length, fitted with solid brass unions and marked clearly to indicate the correct location on the vehicle.

  • Will not rust

    We use only top quality copper and copper nickel tubing manufactured in Great Britain specifically for braking systems. All tubing is 100% electrically and pressure tested and conforms to the highest standards.

  • Fast delivery

    We typically aim to manufacturer and deliver your complete brake pipe set to your door within 2 working days. We also provide a next-day service for when waiting is simply not an option.

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What is the difference between Copper and Copper Nickel brake pipe tubing?

Other than the colour, very little! Copper is more malleable and can be considered slightly easier to work with. All our left-hand drive kits are supplied in copper-nickel to accommodate the requirements of the German TUV.

Why do I have more pipes in my set than appears to be required for my vehicle?

You may have more pipes than you need in your set as we sometimes include these to accommodate different variations on your type of vehicle.

How can I spot whether a union is imperial or metric?

Our metric unions have a nick in the hex for identification.

What is the best way to fit my Brake Pipe Set?

Keep everything as clean as possible. Do not overtighten the unions. Secure the pipes properly to prevent vibration using the clips supplied to supplement those you already have on the car. When you have fitted all the pipes, filled and bled the system, recheck each union and make sure you have a firm pedal before taking the vehicle onto the road. 

Why do all of your pipes use universal flares?

Universal flares are deliberately used in every instance to be sure of giving you the safest connection possible.

What is included in the Brake Pipe Set?

Brake system pressure pipes and fixing clips are included in the brake pipe set. Brass in-line connectors may be supplied where appropriate. 

What do RHD and LHD stand for?

RHD is an abbreviation for right-hand drive and LHD is left-hand drive. 


"Just a little note to express my satisfaction regarding your supply of a complete brake line set for my Fiat 500. The lines went in easily, bent nicely into shape and the dimensions were exact. Little extras, highly appreciated: nice box containing the parts, protective caps, each line individually marked and using the number scheme made identification a breeze. To anyone requiring brake lines I will definitely recommend Automec." Mr. H Van Triest